S.Ex.I. versus Story

S.Ex.I. – state, explain, illustrate
Colors are important. They can affect behavior. Choose your colors carefully and be aware of their meaning — for example, in many cultures red means danger or stop. You would not want to use red as the color of a button, because people would hesitate to press the button.

I was recently reviewing a website for a client. On the homepage of the site, they had a short form for people to fill out to have the company contact them. Filling out the form was the main action they really wanted the website visitors to take. But the button was red. I told them that for their audience, red means danger or stop. People will be much less likely to press a red button. They looked up their website data, and sure enough, they discovered that so far no one had filled out the form and pressed that red button!

[bij het lezen van 100 things every presenter should know about people, Susan Weinschenk]