How do stories like this not mention that driverless cars are ILLEGAL now and will be for the foreseeable future? … – @fraying

My smart thermostat can’t tell the difference between me and my dog, and we want autonomous cars on the road? – @fraying

Driving is tricky. Very very tricky. I doubt we’ll see autonomous cars for decades. And even then, the law will take decades to catch up. – @fraying

I’d place this bet: We’ll see widespread flying delivery drones before we see widespread driverless cars. – @fraying

Not just because one technology is harder than the other, but because of the legal, social, and psychological barriers to driverless cars. – @fraying

My prediction: Google will chase pipe dreams like this only so long as their ad-driven cash firehose holds out. … – @fraying

A lot of sci-fi fantasies go out the window when you can’t print money anymore. – @fraying

And how long will the ad market remain? We’ve already seen the bottom fall out of print ads. TV is not far behind as viewership falls. – @fraying

Online advertising is already a shitty business. We’ve seen search giants fall before. Google will do the same. Only question is when. – @fraying

I remember the giant freakout in SF over smart water meters. Water meters! Can you imagine the richter scale freakout over driverless cars? – @fraying

Remember all the cities that banned Segways? – @fraying

Hell, Portland won’t even allow Uber here. – @fraying

If you think cities will allow driverless cars without a giant fight, wow, you’re more of a techno utopian than I am. – @fraying

Always a pleasure chatting with you, Twitter. … – @fraying

Driving is tricky. Very very tricky. I doubt we’ll see autonomous cars for decades. And even then, the law will take decades to catch up.– @fraying

@fraying The technology is closer than you think. The only real problem is driving in the rain. Water just absolutely screws everything up. – ‏@DivineProfit

@divineprofit But it’s not just a technology problem. (It rarely is.) It’s a social and legal one. – @fraying

@fraying This time it seems to be the other way around. Legal headway is moving along nicely. And society seems ready for it…even eager… – ‏@DivineProfit

@divineprofit You and I live on different planets, then. – @fraying

@fraying Does your planet have access to surveys? … … – ‏@DivineProfit

@divineprofit Heh. Yeah. Examine your sources there, dude. – @fraying

@fraying You got something better? I don’t have an agenda here, just confirming public opinion. I’m all ears. Enlighten me. – ‏@DivineProfit

@divineprofit No thanks. – @fraying

@fraying Great conversation! – ‏@DivineProfit

@divineprofit You started by responding to me. I’m saying what I have to say. Asking for proof is not the point. In other words, back off. – @fraying

@fraying I provided data, which you ignored and then insulted me. Conversation over. I already unfollowed. I don’t have time for your shit. – ‏@DivineProfit

@divineprofit You’re the one challenging a stranger. You need to reexamine your expectations. – @fraying

@fraying Fuck the fuck off. Honestly. – ‏@DivineProfit

@divineprofit See? Why would you think that was a good idea? – @fraying

Again: Driverless cars is not just a technology problem. It’s a social, psychological, and legal one. – @fraying

Comparatively, the tech is easy. It’s the other three that will keep if from happening for a long, long time. – @fraying

If Americans have one symbolic totem, it’s not baseball and it’s not guns. It’s CARS. – @fraying

As usual, the boosters of new tech are pursuing it without stopping to consider how real people will react to it. – @fraying

As a nerd, I think a self-driving car is futuristic and awesome. But as someone who has run communities, I know what the reaction will be. – @fraying

Not might be. WILL be. – @fraying

Americans live and die by their cars (literally). It’s not a technology problem, it’s an identity problem. Identities change much slower. – @fraying

My original point was that, when reporting about self-driving cars, articles might wanna mention that, btw, it would be illegal today. – @fraying