The resistance is clever.
The resistance is in the foothills.
The resistance is beautiful.
The resistance is blessed to have Alicia Garza.
The resistance is classified.
The resistance is sanity, because what it’s resisting is insanity.
The persistent resistance is in Kentucky reading Coretta Scott King outside Mitch McConnell’s house.
The resistance is in Georgia, scaring the congressmen who expected to trample a helpless democracy underfoot.
The resistance looms large.
The resistance is hackers who love the planet [building robust systems to monitor changes to government websites and keeping track of data that’s already been removed].
The resistance is pretty much everywhere, from Yemeni grocers of Brooklyn to the D.C intelligence community to this Texas congressman [Rep. Lloyd Dogget] to people spelling RESIST on a San Francisco beach yesterday to the great immigrants-rights lawyers at work on overall policy and individual defenses to Teen Vogue [voice of the revolution].
The resistance continues to move and astonish me [army veterans returning to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police].
Everyone’s on it. I mean, I wish it was unnecessary, but given that resistance is required what’s pouring forth is smart, relentless, everywhere, bold, beautiful.
I think my refrain is going to be ‘not as fun as they thought it would be.’
– uit Rebecca Solnits stroom berichten op Facebook de afgelopen dagen.