Let’s hit the pause button here.
A jewel occurs to me.

Heaven speaks in symbolic language.
In archetypal code, in small details

What is unimaginable, unthinkable is happening now. Something that is unthinkable, that is the language of the gods.

A myth is not true,
A myth tries to capture a power that is sensed as being real.

Power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience, you deal with powercalculations all the time.

Our two wheels:
– the need to create
– the need to survive

We constantly live under the thread of destruction. The world has stopped. The law of balance: after death comes life. Think about what you want to let go of now.

What do you want to burn in the ashes as the phoenix descends?

[terwijl een gedomesticeerde bever op youtube allerlei spullen door een huis sleept om een dam te bouwen tegen imaginair water, luister ik naar de lessen van de teacher]