Block out the news, if the apocalypse comes, you’ll know it, the writing teacher says. Just write.

Listen to the news, know what’s happening in the world, read, the teacher of life says. Study history.

They both talk about the importance of archetypes, a way of dealing with people. Powerplay is never personal.

Iemand in een hokje plaatsen is een belangrijke vaardigheid, in life, on the page. Do not waste energy. Die van jou of van de lezer. Write for clarity.

[Lisa Friedman kicks off the month-long writing marathon ‘write a novel in a month’ in a sunlit lecture hall in the Central Public Library of Amsterdam. She shares productivity tips and talks about how to create a great character. We read Roddy Doyle, Vikram Seth, Patricia Highsmith and Harry Mulisch. Every novel has a great story and a great character.]