I’ve been dreaming of Chris every night since that last session with A.S., and of course it strikes me forcibly that these dreams are themselves a coded overcompensation, the price paid for a suppressed reality. But – and this is what the man in the mirror appears to be saying – perhaps it is not that way round. Perhaps it is not the code of the dream that has to be broken. Perhaps the dream is not a result of suppression, or anything like that – but itself a set of instructions, which makes possible the next bit of life. Sleep allows us to go away and forget about work, and dreams are the way in which we tell ourselves in the meantime how to pick up the thread. A dream is a stored program. A dream configures me. I wake into a new function.

stem: will eaves
perspectief: alan turing
titel: the miscreants
bron: murmur
mopw: meerstemmige encyclopedie

[A dream, a feeling, a person, a thought… We are machines. We instruct ourselves. We write ourselves.]