one word – episode 25 – christopher columbus (native americans)

Oh, evil, pure evil.

Invader. He got lost coming here and he’s the one that named us Indians because he thought he was in India. So he’s not a good figure to a native community.

Confused. I don’t think we should have a holiday for it.

Pain. Claiming North America is like land that could be claimed and could be taken so the start of a lot of pain.

Mmmm. I guess ignorance.

Murderer. Rapist.


The atrocities committed are just grotesque. And the scars are still felt today.



Fuck him. Fuck Columbus.

Fuck Christopher Columbus.

It’s a big fuck you. He’s the first terrorist in America, that’s for sure.

According to the US Government law if you partake in somebody that’s stealing you’re just as guilty. Everybody knows the United States was stolen, so therefore all those that are original, that know about the genocide, the rape, the murders, the theft, that put the reservations on a rock that they couldn’t survive on. They’re gonna have to face judgement.

Murderer. Rapist. It always was weird to me to have that day off in celebration of somebody, like, we don’t have a day for Hitler but it’s, you know, it’s the same thing.




They teach us that Christopher Columbus discovered America. [They should teach] that Christopher Columbus didn’t discover anything and instead got lost.