Please our senses with images or sound (beauty)
Escape into unusual environments (immersion)
Think through solutions to problems or overcome obstacles (intellectual problem solving)
Achieve superiority over others or our former selves (competition)
Be part of a successful group (social interaction)
Laugh (comedy)
Feel at risk of annihilation (thrill of danger)
Engage in intense physical movement (physical activity)
Feel strong affection toward someone or something (love)
Make something out of nothing (creation)
Feel great strength or power (power)
Find new things or new places (discovery)
Progress forward and arrive at a destination (advancement and completion)
Use abilities we have recently acquired (application of a skill)
Witness the unfolding of a story (narrative)
Act out something or play a role (self-expression)
Help or save others (altruism)
Increase our understanding (learning)
Put things in their place (tidying up)
Feel completely overwhelmed by a stronger power (submission)
Manage time and resources (management)
Retain something we’ve earned or created (loss aversion)
Re-encounter something familiar (mere exposure)
Attribute a chance outcome to something about ourselves (be lucky)

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