Als zij het verhaal zou schrijven, zou ze een ander verhaal vertellen. Point of view and feeling shape reality, and her point of view is hers, as is her feeling. Mary Karr. Ik weet niet hoe zij zich voelde. Als iets me spijt, dan dat.

Hi Irma, I had a great poetry teacher in college who always said the best way to learn to write poetry was to read as much poetry as you can. And the same is true for what you say. When I set out to write a memoir I started reading all the memoirs I could find, and ended up discovering a lot of good writers — Nick Flynn, Mary Karr, Bevery Donofrio, et al. So you’re on the right track. You might even add memoirs to your list, although as I’ve said, they are not the same as journaling. But the best ones show a certain fearlessness about revealing personal weaknesses and anxieties. I recently read a book by a Tibetan lama named Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (a name that’s harder to pronounce than mine!), who talked about the enormous anxiety he experienced as a child when his father, also a renowned lama, began teaching him meditation. That’s quite a revelation for a spiritual teacher, the kind of person we tend to think of as having all the answers. But his discussion of anxiety was what drew me to him. One memoirist I heard at a writer’s conference said that if writing about yourself isn’t at least somewhat painful you’re probably not doing it right. – Peter Occhiogrosso, Sacred Journaling