There is little meaning, a lot of mystery

Van onder de gordel, van het lagere naar het hogere:

– all is one (tribe)
– honour one another (power)
– honour oneself (self)
– love is divine (love) >heart!
– surrender personal will (will)
– seek only the truth (mind, clarity) >mind!
– live in the present moment (transcendence, higher love)

The seven corresponding graces (sins):

– reverence (pride)
– piety (greed)
– understanding (lust)
– fortitude (wrath)
– counsel (gluttony)
– knowledge (envy)
– wisdom (sloth)

Er is orde. God is law, niet een man met een baard. De wetten zijn universeel en constant.

Laws of physics and nature:
– gravity
– cause and effect
– magnetism
– the rhythm of tides
– change
– balance
– vibration
– entropy

Mystical laws:
– what is in one is in the whole
– as above, so below (within every physical event is hidden a symbolic counterpart that represents the higher or cosmic purpose for the event)
– what goes around comes around (the law of karma)
– the truth will set you free
– energy precedes the creation of matter
– thought precedes form
– yin attracts yang
– there is only now
– forgiveness is essential (forgiveness is the great healer of the soul)
– all is illusion
– trust in divine paradox, irony, synchronicity
– maintain spiritual congruency

Gelukkig kookt men ook aan het hof aardappelen in water. (Teresa of Avila)

Caroline Myss