I love Caroline Myss. Keer op keer keer ik naar haar terug.

Whether something brings you pain or pleasure, happiness or sadness, is not the arbiter of what really matters, which most of us should have learned by now. Those feelings are just temporary responses to your experiences, and even your responses are illusions. You are happy one day, sad the next, melancholy on the third day, bored on the fourth, ecstatic on the fifth, exhausted on the sixth, and on the seventh day you’re confused about the whole of your life.


We enter illusion when we start asking why. Left to your own imagination, you will more than likely reach into the vast resources of your memory archives and fill the void of ‘why’ with some negative association from your past or negative projection in the present. It’s what we do. We tend to fill voids with something negative – a fear or insecurity.

We leven in fictie.

Voortdurend vullen we het ontbreken van een waarom met verleden of toekomst: herinneringen, gedachten, projecties, associaties.

Ze zegt dat ik Book of Job moet lezen, vanwege de poëzie.