The law makes sense to people. Myth does not. A language that’s too vague doesn’t make any sense to people. You cannot use that kind of language anymore. The way the intellect is today, it is a high tech, grounded intellect, and you cannot say things like ‘god loves you’. It doesn’t make sense to people. They don’t even understand if their mother loves them. Most people struggle with that concept of love in terms of even if their husband or wife loves them. You cannot introduce vague concepts. You have to ground it very much and show me an experience of that. So you say to them, well have you ever been in an argument with someone, knocked down dead straight argument, and you have an ace up your sleeve and it’s like ‘I could say this, I could, I’m gonna pull this out’, and then you hear a voice and that voice says ’are you sure you want to say that? because it’s the deal breaker.’ Everyone has had that experience. Whose voice is that? Because it’s not yours. You have to ground it into where they say, ‘yeah, I have’. Well then I want you to think about whose voice that is because in that moment you’re not smart enough and you’re not wise enough to talk to yourself that way. So, who said that to you? Who stopped you from destroying a relationship that means the world to you? So I want you to go and write me a paper on that. Because you don’t have the intellect, the courage or the guts to stop yourself. Something did. That’s god in your life. You got to put meat to the bones for these people today. – The Jesuit Rec Room with Caroline Myss (27:29-29:14)