Ik tref de geboorte van woundology – het idee van ‘slachtofferschap’ – in een filmpje op youtube. Ooit realiseer je je iets. Daarna, na zo’n bepalend moment wordt alles anders. Je kan niet meer terug. Toen de teacher zich realiseerde dat mensen niet willen helen, niet heel willen worden, omdat dat betekent dat ze hun wond moeten opgeven, het verhaal waarmee ze anderen manipuleren, stopte ze met de healingbusiness waarin ze verzeild was geraakt. Ik denk dat ik de teacher daarom interessant vind. Zij verbindt consequenties aan haar inzichten. En zij geeft haar inzichten door. Healen doe je zelf maar.

De teacher zegt,

Findhorn inspires me like no other place in the world and I was in the dining room at Clooney which is one of their buildings and I was with these two guys who were just chatting away and i was waiting to meet a friend, and as we were talking I see my friend coming up just as a guy named Eric was coming, who used to manage this big building Clooney where all of the visitors would stay and some of the members of the Findhorn community.

So when she comes up he says to her – I’m going to call her Mary – ‘Mary are you free on june 8th because Helen Caldicott is coming to campus and we need someone to show her around, this is a yes or no answer. Yes or no, are you free? But instead what Mary said was ‘june 8th? Did you say june 8th? I don’t know any other day but not june 8th, that’s my incest survivor’s workshop and I would never never not be there’ and she went into this drama. 

And here are two guys sitting here that she’d never met. I had introduced her and now she’s leveling them with this chapter of her history in which she’s making it perfectly clear ‘I am a victim of incest, i’m angry at men’ so you two better talk to me in a certain way. I take the lead at this table, are we clear here? Are we clear?

They probably have never been abusive to a woman in their life but man, they are taking the hit, so he looks at her and he says ‘Okay, so you’re not free june 8th? Got it.’ And he walks away, which is not the response she was looking for I later realized.

All right, so she and I then went to lunch and i’m looking at her as if she had just sprouted a coffee pot off the top of her head and I’m looking and I said ‘I’ve got to ask you something. Why did you do that? Why did you reveal something so intimate publicly when you were asked if you were just free and available? Why did you do that?’

She looked at me as if i had the coffee pot and she said ‘because i am an incest victim’ and I said, ‘Well, I know that, but why did you have to let them know that? Why did you expose your wound? Why did you do that? It’s like a wound flasher.’ She thought I was being absolutely cold and judgmental. I thought she was so defensive and there was a serious break in communication and I thought all you want me to do is feed your dragon here and I am so not going to do this.

But it was there that my whole teaching on woundology was born.

I credit her. That was the moment, but in that moment a light bulb went on. The light went on, as I saw the darkness. Here’s another jewel: light and darkness walk hand in hand. If you’re afraid of the darkness, you won’t see your light. You need both, so with that I started to investigate the other side of 

I guess we really don’t want to heal. I guess there’s all kinds of little shenanigans going on in us. And as soon as I started to open myself up to deeper questions, more rich and engaging questions about us, I received that kind of texturist material in intuitive readings. And the data that makes us tick, that makes us what we are, begin to open up as well. 

We are far more complex than one answer, one cause, one solution. That does not work now. You can live at that level, but the quality of your healing, the quality of your solutions, the quality of your problem resolving, the quality of your life, will be one. That’s the quality and that’s how the laws of creation, how the laws, will work for you, as I’ll explain. That’s how the whole system will work because you’re plugged into the functioning of laws at the tribal level.

So you’ll work, but at the speed of the tribe – dense and within time. Within, you’re someone who creates by committee, including the speed at which you will heal. You heal at the speed of committee so if you’re somebody who will have to take medicine in a jar and it says ‘take this, you’ll be sick for six weeks’ and so you shall because you operate at the speed of committee and if it says there’s a likelihood, a 50-60 chance that this will return, that’s what you’ll live at. And there’s a real good chance you’ll be part of the return because you don’t have enough energy to get into the individualness required to outrun the speed of the tribe.

Are you with me here?


None of us is getting off the planet alive. We are living in bodies designed to self-destruct so we can only do the best we can or not. But in any case, we will all eventually pop out so we have minimal control but the control we have can be maximized by how well you understand the consequences of the choices that you’re making. We have an impact on the quality of our life, the quality of our body, the quality of our health, though that does not mean that we have the capacity to make everything perfect. 

Perfect is not the goal.

Balance in all things no matter what’s happening. If you’re in a storm you want to be a balanced driver. In the most difficult times you want to know how to say ‘I need to alter my relationship with time. I need to start thinking hour by hour now and not week by week. If i think in terms of week by week in this crisis, I will crush myself. I need to alter my watch and go into vertical time where my goal is hour by hour because I can survive this hour by hour. I am just fine hour by hour and so I’ll walk at that speed. It’s time to adjust time. But if I think in terms of year by year, I will be crushed, so now it’s time to adjust time and I will get through this, that’s how we do this. 

Now back to woundology. Once I saw this, the way in which we think, what goes on behind our eyes, began to become a more and more rich tapestry and it was at that point that I started to see the role that our personal choices had in our life. How significant our inner choices were versus our outer choices. These were two different worlds of choice, and two different power zones. They had two different levels of creation, two different levels of impact, two different levels of authority. 

The choices we make in this world are tend to be blended with the social mind. They tend to be influenced a lot more by what’s happening in the world and therefore they tend to be part of the world. So what’s going on in the world filters into our body through these chakras. None of us stand alone. What is in one is in the hole, so let me let me put it this way, we now live in the era of terrorism can we agree on that? There was a time when we didn’t live in the era of terrorism, we now live in an

era where …. do we need a break? Yeah? Did I go on over time? Should we have a break now, yeah coffee’s set up… 

[bij het zien van A Guide to the Mystical Laws that Govern the Science of Healing and Miracles Part 2 – Caroline Myss op youtube, transcript]