Frankie summarizes Verlyn Klinkenborg’s columns so you don’t have to read them.

071012: Verlyn Klinkenborg can’t believe it’s fall. He’s “still busy being surprised by spring.”
110112: Verlyn Klinkenborg likes to make a fire in his woodstove even when it isn’t that cold out.
301011: Verlyn Klinkenborg is fantasizing about buying a sailboat, but he probably wouldn’t get one for real.
200811: The grass grew in Verlyn Klinkenborg’s pastures. “Living here is a mysterious affair.”
210511: Verlyn Klinkenborg moved his horses from his pasture to the pasture next door, and he wonders how they feel about that.
130511: Verlyn Klinkenborg can’t believe his chore coat is always hanging on the same hook every day. He wishes he himself were so “perdurable.”
160111: Now that it is January, it is very cold, just as Verlyn Klinkenborg predicted.
291110: Verlyn Klinkenborg walks around his farm at night and concludes that it is hard for him to see in the dark because he is not nocturnal.
091110: Verlyn Klinkenborg just noticed that it is colder now than it was in August, but that January will be even colder!
260910: Verlyn Klinkenborg’s barber retired.
050910: Verlyn Klinkenborg sees a lot of bugs on his farm, but he feels like he doesn’t truly see them.
180310: Verlyn Klinkenborg was driving in the dark, but then the sun came up, and then it was light.
030310: The Internet taught Verlyn Klinkenborg a better way to tie his shoes.
230110: Verlyn Klinkenborg is in California and it’s raining.
031209: It was so windy last week on Verlyn Klinkenborg’s farm! But it’s not windy anymore.
141109: Verlyn Klinkenborg wonders how it feels to be the snow-bark maple he planted a decade ago, and almost comes to terms with entropy.
011009: Verlyn Klinkenborg just realized that space is really big.
230809: Verlyn Klinkenborg can’t believe how many pictures are being taken right this minute. Think about it!
070709: Verlyn Klinkenborg has to make up words to describe how the thunder sounds.
110609: Sometimes there are just no words to describe Verlyn Klinkenborg’s farm.
050509: Verlyn Klinkenborg wonders what it is like to be a bird!
101208: Verlyn Klinkenborg went to Wyoming, and he didn’t see too many people, but he saw a car on fire, but luckily everyone was O.K.!
080908: Verlyn Klinkenborg’s horses are really good at remembering.
280708: Verlyn Klinkenborg was just looking at his pasture, and it’s more hilly than he realized.
190508: Verlyn Klinkenborg is in Omaha, where there is a freeway named after Gerald Ford. He wonders whether other people think about Gerald Ford when they drive on it, or whether it’s just him.