Ik sta op de voorpagina van internet, reddit ligt er loom en uitgestrekt bij, een volgepakt strand, de berichten hudjemudje, 10.643 users online, dat hadden er makkelijk 7.035.460 kunnen zijn. Ik klik in het wilde weg. Internet is een vreemd landschap, onmogelijk een kaart te tekenen, ze zou vol witte plekken zitten.

TIL Thomas Jefferson created his own Bible, 46 pages long. Using a razor he cut and pasted selected verses. It excluded angels, references to the Trinity, and all miracles by Jesus including the resurrection. submitted 14 hours ago by ianjthor 87 comments

TIL in 1977 a plane crashed into Yosemite Park, containing almost 10,000 pounds of marijuana. Local rock climbers were first on the scene and amassed a fortune from the wreckage. submitted 20 hours ago by Inquisitivetreebark 246 comments

TIL that the male urethra produces a spiral stream of urine that has the effect of cleaning the external urethral meatus (where the urine exits the body). The lack of an equivalent mechanism in the female urethra partly explains why urinary tract infections occur so much more frequently in females submitted 1 day ago by sevpay 764 comments