Let’s hit the pause button here.
A jewel occurs to me.

Heaven speaks in symbolic language, in archetypal code, comes in small details. The world has stopped. What is unimaginable, unthinkable is happening now, isn’t it? That is the language of the gods: something that is unthinkable.

Power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience. You deal with power calculations all the time.

A myth is not true, a myth tries to capture a power that is sensed as being real.

The law of balance: after death comes life. Think about what you want to let go of. What do you want to burn in the ashes as the phoenix descends?

Our two wheels:
– the need to create
– the need to survive

You have to learn to interpret symbolically, what is the higher meaning of what is going on here?

Prometheus stole the fire (= the power of the gods) and gave it to humanity. In 1945 we split the atom, we stole the fire again, and we can write history from that moment on as: 1. who has the power? which country? 2. what did we use this fire for? To kill. And nobody could set it off. It could destroy everything. We constantly live under the threat of destruction. We all know this. We sense this.

The fire is so powerful that we need to make a huge conscious leap.

God is law, not an off planet guy with a beard.

Truth is painful.

Awakening is painful, that’s what hurt the mystics.

The dark night of the soul: realising that you are capable of hurting another person. Darkness: not the fact you are being hurt, but the realisation that you want to hurt another person (jealousy, vengeance, neglect).

Nothing is personal. You think it is, but it isn’t.

Truth is painful. The truth: all life breathes together. If you really grasp that, that hurts. All that matters is navigating this with grace.

Money, status, stuff is not real power. We have another power: the power of choice. I can choose to not react, to respond, to be kind. Invisible acts of power require a humbleness most of us don’t possess. Because we’re humans we need all the help we can get. That’s why you pray.

Please, hover over me, let me not do or say a stupid thing. Let me sit still. Let me be a vessel of grace today.

[Terwijl een kitten op youtube samenleeft met twee kuikens, de kuikens hem pikken, herlees ik de lessen van de teacher. Ik begrijp inmiddels waarom we prayer nodig hebben, geen cadeautje van een onzichtbare man met een baard op een wolk. Prayer is de pauzeknop die voorkomt dat we reageren. Een variatie op tot tien tellen. Omdat de menselijke natuur nauwelijks tot grace in staat is, omdat de menselijke natuur vrijwel alles persoonlijk neemt, heeft het brein alle hulp nodig die het kan krijgen om zichzelf en anderen tegen zichzelf en anderen te beschermen.]