She said, ‘The fox hunt is good for the fox.’

Try to live through one day believing nothing is significant, nothing is governed by the unknowable, the divine. See how you feel by the end of such a day.

What is called definitive is, right away, a brag.

The arena of things, the theater of the imagination, the everywhere of faith.
[vergelijk Myss: material, spiritual, divine – ID]

When men sell their souls, where do the souls go?
[The daimon ‘moves’ net zo makkelijk to another being, zegt Pressfield. – ID]

In order to be the person I want to be, I must strive, hourly, against the drag of the others.

Every day I think of Schubert and the mystery of his six hundred songs.

What is spiritual about the manifest is not the part that leaves tracks in the snow.

Winter hours (2000), Mary Oliver