Na 36 seconden in een praatje over een wereld waarin mensen dat wat ze bezitten – huis, auto, boormachine – aan anderen verhuren of met ze delen, zegt Rachel Botsman iets over een mogelijk gevolg daarvan: ‘I’d like to start by introducing you to someone whose life has been changed by a marketplace fueled by reputation. Sebastian Sandys has been a bed and breakfast host on Airbnb since 2008. I caught up with him recently, where, over the course of several cups of tea, he told me how hosting guests from all over the world has enriched his life. More than 50 people have come to stay in the 18th-century watchhouse he lives in with his cat, Squeak. Now, I mention Squeak because Sebastian’s first guest happened to see a rather large mouse run across the kitchen, and she promised that she would refrain from leaving a bad review on one condition: he got a cat. And so Sebastian bought Squeak to protect his reputation.’