By nature we’re united.
By soul we are intimate.
This day will never come again. (Merton)
There will not be a chance for us to be together in this way again.
Nature is balance.
Divine is silence.
Buses and planes and train sounds distract us.
Universe (nature) is both impersonal and intimate.
You’re a killer, designed to prey, in reality or psychically.
You’re social.
You’re touchable, huggable (that’s how you are designed).
Soul > energy > matter (act)
Everything is a choice: do I engage grace or withdraw it.
Every choice has a consequence (sets something in motion for eternity).
Woorden en gedachten kies je ook.
You’re a seeker?
Become a devotee instead.
Seeking is making no commitment.
Make a commitment, be consistent.
Why do you still not know at this point in your life what you believe?
You have to know your own nature (lower) in order for your soul to control it.
You cannot rearrange kosmos.
You are not special.
You are no exception to the rule.
Only a miracle can bend the laws.
Grow up.
Know truth.
You might not like the guidance, the revelation.
And so to do whatever best awakens you to love.
This is the beginning of all that is yet to be.

The teacher says.