Being disliked by others is a really most distressing thing. How crazy would you have to be, to accept calmly the fact that you’re probably the sort of person nobody likes? But it’s a terribly sad fact that, both in the palace and among parents and siblings, there are those who are loved and those who aren’t.
Not only among the upper crust but even in lowly families, when a child is the apple of his parents’ eye then everyone will pay him particular attention and be particularly devoted to his needs. Of course if he’s actually someone who’s worthy of this kind of attention it seems quite natural, and no one pauses to question it. But it’s very moving to see a parent’s love for a child, even if he’s actually nothing out of the ordinary, and consider that it’s precisely because they’re a parent that they feel like this.
Yes, there’s nothing more wonderful than to be well-loved, not only by parents but by the one you serve and by all those you have close dealings with in life.

stem: sei shonagon
perspectief: the diary of a court lady during the 990s and early 1000s in Heian Japan, a collection of essays, observations, musings, anecdotes, poems, lists and descriptions
title: [248]
bron: the pillow book (2006)
mopw: meerstemmige encyclopedie / appel