Reasonable doubt keeps us wondering if Adam was tempted by an apple or by a grape. But we know with certainty there has been wine in this world ever since the Stone Age, when grapes fermented on their own. Ancient Chinese canticles prescribed wine to alleviate the pangs of sadness.The Egyptians believed the god Horus had one eye that was sun and one that was moon. The moon-eye cried teardrops of wine, which the living drank to put themselves to sleep and the dead drank in order to awaken. A grapevine was the emblem of Cyrus the great, king of the Persians, and wine bathed the festivals of the Greeks and the Romans.To celebrate human love, Jesus turned six vessels of water into wine. It was his first miracle.

stem: eduardo galeano
perspectief: a capsule history of the human race, in some 600 short entries, he travels from prehistory to the present, from the impressionistic to the brutally, precisely documented
titel: brief history of wine
bron: mirrors, stories of almost everyone (2009, transl. mark fried)
mopw: meerstemmige encyclopedie / appel