rational me: I’m not going to snack

irrational me: one biscuit won’t hurt

rationalising me: I did go to the gym this morning, I can have this cookie

false hope me: from now on I will go the gym (this decision instantly makes me feel better)

self licensing me: I went to the gym this morning, so I can have this biscuit

pre-rationaliserende ik: ik zal morgen extra workout doen zodat ik nu koekje kan nemen

revisionist me (self serving bias): ik ben hardstikke mager, een koekje kan geen kwaad

externalising me: it’s not my fault, she made me take a cookie

unintentional mimicry (coypcat me): everybody takes cookies

transgressing me: one cookie can’t hurt….

what the hell, I’ve already blown it, let’s eat the whole bag

sneaky self

selfsabotaging self

bad habits with Bri Williams