Sean Penn Goes on Date With Emmanuelle Vaugier After Charlize Theron Split.
Celebrity News Aug. 5, 2015 AT 2:00PM By Esther Lee

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CallieCo • 18 hours ago
These people sure recover from breakups quickly. The last time I broke up with anyone it took months before I could even think of dating again. And if I were her, on a date with him, I’d be downing vodka martinis. 

DJ CallieCo • 14 hours ago

I know right! I was on a bread and Xanax diet for like two months after my last breakup! And then I went on my first date and cried!

cmk796 DJ • 14 hours ago
Xanax? Wow. That’s pretty weak.

Llw1018 CallieCo • 7 hours ago
Don’t they though just thinking the same thing

No_Trolls CallieCo • 10 hours ago
This movie was even before my time, but I can’t help but just think of him as Spicoli.

dominus vobiscum CallieCo • 12 hours ago
It’s good to get right back on another horse.

Cat • 18 hours ago
If I were a woman thinking about dating him, I’d be so turned off by the fact that he completely dissed his ex-wife (the mother of his children) and gushed constantly about how Charlize was the love of his life, he was finally going to get married on his own terms so this was technically going to be his first marriage, etc. Then Charlize dumps him flat and he’s already dating someone else.

YouToo1981 Cat • 17 hours ago
Not to mention his history of domestic violence!

Cat YouToo1981 • 17 hours ago

Yes, there would be several reasons I would never date him … he’s egotistical, has a short temper, has been violent with women in the past, smokes like a chimney and is just overall unattractive in my opinion. He’s a great actor, but that’s his only appealing quality. A lot of women seem to like him though!

Shelly Leit Cat • 5 hours ago
I think they meet him in a dark place, after lots of drinks. Then the next morning in the sunlight — surprise!

One Two • 19 hours ago
That photo doesn’t do her justice. Emmanuelle Vaugier is gorgeous. She used to play Charlie Sheen’s girlfriend on “Two and a Half Men”.

thatsitformewithdisqus One Two • 18 hours ago 

I agree – it’s a bad picture. She’s gorgeous. The Mia story arc was hilarious. Also, she and Sean both have a Two and a Half Men connection – Sean played one of Charlie’s friends in the episode with Elvis Costello and Harry Dean Stanton.

amykinjomo One Two • 18 hours ago

Oh, that’s right, she was Mia! I had to google her because she looked really familiar, she also played Jasmine in Secondhand Lions and Nicki on One Tree Hill. Never realized it was all the same woman. She is very pretty and a good actress.

Ugonna Wosu One Two • 10 hours ago

I saw an interview on Entertainment Tonight Canada, that is how she looks now.

mamastitch • 18 hours ago
Apparently, he’s the male J-Lo. Neither one of them can be alone for a millisecond.

dominus vobiscum mamastitch • 12 hours ago
Yeah, guys like sex, how weird is that?

SugahPi • 18 hours ago
He is gross.

KML3000 SugahPi • 16 hours ago
I agree, absolutely nothing attractive about him.

Nancy • 19 hours ago
These women that continue to date him just never learn do they.

WanderSong79 • 17 hours ago
She’s adopting babies and he’s adopting girlfriends!

Sharon Kilkenny • 18 hours ago
Out with the old, in with the new! I myself don’t get it. Am I the only one who thinks his eyes are too small and close together? lol

Julia Winfield Sharon Kilkenny • 18 hours ago
Lol if I were to bring him to meet my mom as my boyfriend, she would later pull me aside and say “his eyes are too close together, I don’t trust him.” 😹 I think she got that saying from her mother. I don’t know.. But oh the times I’ve heard her talk about how the eyes are set on the face lol

Shelly Leit Sharon Kilkenny • 5 hours ago
That’s just the start of what’s wrong with his face.

leila • 19 hours ago
well they are not dating anymore so why shouldn’t leather face go out. This poor girl

dominus vobiscum leila • 19 hours ago
He looks like he smells like cigarettes, tequila and farts.

penelope dominus vobiscum • 13 hours ago
Sadly, that’s his best quality.

Nomda dominus vobiscum • 15 hours ago

Tee leila • 19 hours ago
Leather face!!! Noooo lololol

DJ • 14 hours ago
Wait, so one minute Penn and Theron are soul mates and then the next minute she wants nothing to do with him? I know I’m really late to the party on this one but the only things I can think of are (1) she wanted another child and he didn’t (2) he cheated on her and/or (3) he hit her. I doubt the last one and it’s not like us common folk can assume but someone make my smutty day and give me your juicy opinion.

Meryl DJ • 7 hours ago 

Seeing she just adopted a child and she’s a strong woman, and he has kids and is in his 50’s? I doubt he could commit to raising a baby again. I don’t think he cheated and if he slapped her he’d have a busted lip or broken nose because she’s never put up with the abuse she suffered with her mom again and she can kick anyone’s ass. I wished or hoped she’s have married the guy she was with forever – Stuart Townsend. He’s more of soulmate material

Luna_Rain DJ • 14 hours ago

Those were the three reasons I came up with too.

James • 15 hours ago

If you’re good in the sack, it doesn’t matter how you look. Add up a few millions in the banks and all the hot women will come running after you. Simple as that . At least in Hollywood where they all seem to be “easy”.

YouToo1981 • 18 hours ago

This man is incapable of being alone.

Mr.Sardonicus YouToo1981 • 18 hours ago 

It’s one dinner date. They didn’t to vegas to get married. She didn’t move in with him. 

YouToo1981 Mr.Sardonicus • 17 hours ago 

Did I say they moved in together? Did I say they went to Las Vegas and got married? Look at his track record.

dominus vobiscum YouToo1981 • 18 hours ago
He’s a guy who likes to date hot women. Nothing wrong with that.

Sharon Kilkenny dominus vobiscum • 18 hours ago

Likes to date them, can’t keep them. Nothing wrong with that either.

dominus vobiscum Sharon Kilkenny • 15 hours ago 

Yep, renting women is much smarter than owning them.

YouToo1981 dominus vobiscum • 18 hours ago

Never said there was anything wrong with it, but the reality is, he doesn’t seem capable of being single.

dominus vobiscum YouToo1981 • 12 hours ago

Single, sexually active people date. That’s what he is doing. 

YouToo1981 dominus vobiscum • 11 hours ago

Once again, I understand that, when you’re his age, you should be able to be alone every once in awhile. Unless, you think that grown adults should be completely codependent upon jumping into relationship after relationship. Either way, you’re obviously far too dense and purposely obtuse to understand what I am saying. I suppose you’re one of those lost little souls who can’t bear to spend a night alone because then it might actually involve you realizing what a miserable hag you truly are. Hearts and kisses!

Shelly Leit • 5 hours ago

What are these beautiful women seeing in him? I know he did some good work in Haiti but maaaaaan he’s just flat out ugly.

PickleCake • 15 hours ago 

That mustache and soul patch aren’t working for him at all. He should go full beard.

Shelly Leit PickleCake • 5 hours ago
He should cover his face completely with something. Beard, hat, anything.

Wicked Cupcake • 17 hours ago

My only comment is I had dinner at French Laundry. The butter they brought to the table was so rotten tasting it made me gag. They tried to fix the problem with a free dessert, however, the long black hair in the lemon curd tart pretty much sealed the deal……………French Laundry stinks. I hope Penn’s butter was fresh and food was hair free.

dominus vobiscum Wicked Cupcake • 15 hours ago

French Laundry is awesome and on occasion they make a wicked cupcake. 

Kaiju • 18 hours ago 

Paps were chaperoning this date Duggar style.

GohomeRamona • 19 hours ago 

Well don’t make it a guessing game and then put her photo in the thumbnail. Way to ruin my day Us.

Julia Winfield GohomeRamona • 18 hours ago 

Exactly. Decent click bait right down the drain!

blondie • 18 hours ago

cannot understand why any woman would be interested in him

(Gisteren het bericht gelezen dat er elke dag 200.000 mensen op aarde bijkomen.)