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Writing is formalized thinking. So, how do you begin to write?

1. First, you need a problem to write about: something that grips you. Something you’re passionate about.

2. Next, you need have something to say about the problem: so read!

3. Then summarize what you’ve learned by writing. Iron out the contradictions of what you’ve learned and elegantly formulate what you’ve read. Use Outline to help you visualize each of these ideas, arguments or topics you wish to discuss. It’ll keep order and organization while you’re writing.

4. Hone your words. Iterate on each sentence, try to make it better each time. Use Rewrite to keep track of your sentence variations, visualize each one within your writing, and commit once you’re ready.

5. Organize the sentences, paragraphs and topics into proper sequence. What you’re doing here is integrating your own personality into your writing at the highest and most abstract level of organization.

Why learn to write?

Consider your success over the course of a lifetime. Here is something to think about: the person who can formulate and communicate the best argument almost always wins. If you want a job, you have to make a case for yourself. If you want a raise, you have to convince someone that you deserve it. If you are trying to convince someone of the validity of your idea, you have to debate its merits successfully, particularly if there are others with other competing ideas.

If you sharpen your capacity to think and to communicate as a consequence of writing, you are better armed. The pen is mightier than the sword, as the saying goes. This is no cheap cliché. Ideas change the world, particularly when they are written. The Romans built buildings, and the Romans and the buildings are both gone. The Jews wrote a book, and they are still here, and so is the book. So it turns out that words may well last longer than stone, and have more impact than whole empires.

Good luck with Essay,

Jordan B. Peterson & Julian Peterson

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