Every day you wake up in a different world. This is one truth that is so great big huge that I could keep you here until next friday, just with this truth. Which is, you wake up every morning in a totally different universe. By the time you finish lunch, by the time you go to bed, you go to bed in a different universe. All the elements are different, because everything changed. The same people are not on the planet that you got op with. I bet you never thought about that. I just put a brand new thought in your head that you never had before. That the same people are not even on board the planet that got up with you. When I realised that one day I had to sit down for an hour. That thought blew me away. It just blew me away. That is how big that thought is. You’re ending the day on a different planet with different travelers. New animals have arrived. New plants have ballooned. New ideas have happened. It’s a different universe all the time. Now think about that.