If you ever want to deepen your hate for humanity, go and look at the History and Talk pages for Gamergate. Or Feminism. Or almost any black woman, ever. – Sarah Einstein

Orochista Khakpour
Is there someone who can fix my Wikipedia page?! It popped up in 2007 and then for years had all sorts of defacements (scary stuff like a monkey for my photo and weird threats all the way to funny stuff like saying the writer girl on the L Word was based on me and I dated Crispin Glover!) It mysteriously got more organized a few years ago before my second novel and now there is just so much missing. I’m social media savvy in one sense but I don’t know how to do a lot–like editing Wikipedia! I’ve been able to update my bio on my website but not sure people look at that. I’m only worried because I’m up for jobs this year and I feel I can’t rely properly on the google search and how people read. How much do people charge to edit your page?

Nachshon Rothstein
It’s pretty easy, but if there’s stuff there you want removed you may want someone very familiar with Wikipedia’s editing rules, because you may get a wiki editor pushing back. If you just want to add stuff I can do it for you, no charge :)

Swati Khurana
there are a lot of MRA who troll WOC on wikipedia. I am sorry that happened to you.

Rebecca Solnit
I edited my own page and was told I couldn’t without links to sources on Rebecca Solnit. I told them I was the ultimate source. I think that worked.

Tricia Romano
i wish i had a wikipedia page :(

Jeremy Hight
me too 

Juro Gagne
I will make it a nightly priority for 12 easy payments of 55.99 a month.

Karrie Higgins
How awful! I am clueless on this, but I remember some of my creative writing teacher or comp teacher friends having students create pages. Was that you, Sarah Einstein ? Trying to think who might know.

Sarah Einstein
Yes, it was me. Wikipedia is a strange, and sometimes really awful place. It’s easy to edit, but you are disallowed from editing your own page. (You can, however, delete things and note that the page is being used to harass you, which will get the page some extra scrutiny and the Wikipedians will police it for any such activity, and take anything that shouldn’t be on your page down pretty quickly.) I do a project with my CNF students about once a year where we go in and remediate the lack of POC and women writers in Wikipedia by making certain that there are pages devoted to people whose work we find meaningful. Often times, these get marked for “take down” because someone thinks the writer isn’t significant enough, but we haven’t actually had any taken down (our criteria for choosing authors is in line with Wikipedia’s criteria for adequate cultural significance. There are problems with those criteria–especially when individual characters from My Little Pony have their own pages–but I’m not willing to get so involved with the Wikipedia community that I’m advocating changes to their basic policies.) I’ll be honest, Wikipedia has a serious 4-chan crowd problem. If you ever want to deepen your hate for humanity, go and look at the History and Talk pages for Gamergate. Or Feminism. Or almost any black woman, ever.