The teacher says,

My great awakening – and here’s my lesson to you – is that there is no such thing as an insignificant choice because every single choice we make continues to create offspring. If you don’t believe me, then hit a pause button right here and think about any choice you’ve made today – anything – from what you ate for breakfast to what you decided to wear. What you ate nurtures your body, so it continues to work and eventually that food works its way through your body and goes on into yet another cycle of life and so on. Your clothes get more worn each time you wear them. Every choice sets other choices into motion.

Now think of choices we make that include other people or life decisions. Rarely do we take the time to reflect upon whether a choice is significant or insignificant and even more rare would be to track the long-range impact of a decision. We might do this type of thinking for major life choices such as buying a house or moving, but in general we tend to make most of our decisions as we go along. Of course, it’s an impossible task to examine the power content of every choice we make and its potential consequences.

But the point is to grasp the core principle, which is that every choice we make sets endless consequences into motion. We never realize even one percent of those consequences, as they play out in the microcosmic field of the psychic plane. Think of those young kids who do foolish things at parties and ten years later when they are applying for jobs or running for a political office, they find their compromising photographs on-line. One tiny insignificant choice in the moment and yet the truth is that it has lifelong consequences.

Yet, how many of those funny coincidences that happen years down the road might well be the result of a gathering of the threads of various so-called insignificant choices we’ve made along the way? For example, perhaps you made a phone call to someone who then remembered you years later and arranged to meet you. And it’s at that meeting that you are introduced to a person who ends up being the great catalyst of your life. That phone call may have taken less than five minutes.

The mystical lesson in this is that you have more power than you realize to shift the direction of your life – in five minutes or less. It’s that truth that we are meant to realize, to grasp, and to comprehend because we continue to believe that we need huge amounts of time and money and the help of lots of other people to move our lives forward. That simply isn’t true.

Reflect on this teaching for just a minute: You can empower any moment of your life if you consciously acknowledged the wheels of creation that are set into motion within any choice you make. A choice is essentially your capacity to engage the laws of creation; for example, cause and effect and action and reaction, to name just two.

We are born with an inherent sense of the power to effect change in our lives because we can make decisions. We can say yes or no. We make choices endlessly in deciding what to believe and not believe, whether to be a kind person or not, whether to be honest or dishonest, whether to be generous or selfish, whether to be forgiving or bitter. We never stop making choices.

How do you measure or define the power of your own choices? People – meaning all of us – fear making choices. Even “small” choices intimidate people. Ask someone to select a restaurant and often that person will go blank – over a restaurant. Obviously people talk to me about the conflicts they have about life decisions and understandably so. Nothing is easy about deciding whether to divorce or go on chemotherapy. These are game-changers.

But what is also true is that your intuition speaks immediately to you on every life issue, and all the louder on the issues of conscience, life-or-death, or that involve the lives of others. When a person tells me that he or she does not know what to do, that is actually rarely the case. The truth is that person knows exactly what to do but lacks the courage to go forward.

People fear the consequences of their choices, which speaks to the truth that we have an inherent sense of how much power is contained in making a choice – especially one packed with integrity and truth. One choice packed with clarity and truth will change the course of your life forever. And that’s another five-minute-or-less healing experience, if ever there was one. Every person has the power to make that quality of choice, though it may take him or her years to find the courage.

[You can choose at any time to see yourself in another image, through another lens. Just like that. It’s not really difficult. And tell yourself that. Difficult is a habit – remember that.]