I am so happy to present the official music video for my new single Trust. I recorded and edited it myself these last few days. Making this has been one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had in my career. Everyone in the video has given their consent to participate.

Background: Prior to the release of Trust, I invited my followers on Instagram to a pre-listening party online. I opened up a video chatroom and called it Trust.

During four 1-hour-long sessions I met up with a total of about 100 people from all around the world, including places like Indonesia, Lombardia (Italy), NYC, Brazil, Turkey and many more, and we talked, laughed and listened to each other’s stories, and shared a moment when we listened to my new song together in real time. Many of the people who participated were alone in their homes, or with their cat or dog, a partner, or their family. Some were in quarantine because they were infected with the coronavirus or because they work in healthcare. A few were stuck abroad, far away from family and friends. What we had in common was that we were all affected by this difficult situation, and most of us were isolating from the outside world.

We also felt a need to trust and meet other people. It was magical to come together like this. And when I watch the video, I feel touched, because their eyes are filled with connection, kindness and trust.

I’ve decided to reopen the chat room Trust, and to keep it open for my listeners to connect with each other. And I’ll stop by from time to time, to have a chat. Maybe I’ll see you there. anebrun.whereby.com/trust

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