Eduardo Galeano heeft in 2012 elke dag een bericht geschreven.
Op 1 januari schrijft hij bijvoorbeeld:

Today is not the first day of the year for the Mayas, the Jews, the Arabs, the Chinese or many other inhabitants of this world.

The date was chosen by Rome, imperial Rome, and blessed by Vatican Rome, and it would be an overstatement to say that all humanity celebrates today as the crossing from one year to the next.

That said, today we ought to acknowledge that time treats us rather kindly. Time allows us, its fleeting passengers, to believe that this day could be the very first day, and it gives us leave to want today to be as bright and joyous as the colours of an outdoor market.

De titel van zijn boek is Children of the days. Dat zijn wij. Wij zijn discoverers, life’s searchers.

Het boek is een geschiedeniskalender: het staat vol feiten.
De dagen maken ons.