First, though, a few words about being “in the moment.” All the great spiritual masters regard present-moment awareness as a quintessential practice, and that’s certainly true. Yet the present can include planning for the future, or reviewing what you did yesterday, or over the last ten years, as a way of orienting yourself to the present. Otherwise we could never make plans or learn from our mistakes and triumphs. The key is to keep your perspective in the present as you scan the past and the future. Instead of sending your energy into the past through constant regret (what Caroline Myss calls woundology), use your journal to ask yourself, without self-judgment, what actually happened. – Sacred Journaling, Peter Occhiogrosso

Few, in het nu hoef ik niet alleen een appel te eten. Ik kan reflecteren, herinneren, plannen maken, een doel stellen.