Nobody’s gonna tell you what to do. Do what’s got your attention, wherever something took you. – Lisa Friedman

She hands me a book at work, hurries me to read it. She likes people to move, I guess, do something, not having them functioning as a dead horizon in her world.
‘So you think you’re at your lowest, your life is unbearable? Try Kuki Gallmann and find strength, endurance, passion,’ she says.
This is months ago.
I dreamed of Africa.
I have not yet opened it.
A blazing yellow sun reddens the sky, the silhouet of a giraffe and a tree tells me I’m in Africa. The book depresses me.
It seems preposterous to travel, to change life by leaving it behind.
It seems ungrateful.
It seems like I gave up.
It seems like I didn’t understand enough, didn’t try hard enough.
This, as I said, is months ago. Now I read about a snake who kills a boy.