Being zit rechtop in bed, klaarwakker, net als de vogels, en ziet de zon opkomen, prikkende ogen.
Mind vindt zichzelf zielig.

The language of being is descriptive language.
The language of mind is evaluative language.

The judge poisons experience.

The mind considers life and death to be important.
The being considers life and death to be life and death.

Death: starting a worm farm.
Marilyn Ferguson: change and complexity always outrun our powers of description.

It is okay not to get the most out of life. It is fine to let life happen and not get all the cookies. Getting the most out of life is too much work anyway. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

A mind is a great terrible thing: waste it.

The doorway to becoming grounded in experience is called despair. Despair comes from the Latin root words ‘de’ and ‘sperare’ meaning ‘down from’ and ‘hope’. Down from hope. The only hope is to give up hope. The only hope is a kind of hope through despair. Abandon all hope, give up romance, and learn the earth language. The truth is not some story about something that happened to you in the past. Telling stories about your memory of what happened may be entertaining for a while, but if that is all you can do it gets boring pretty fast. Truth can only be told if you are present in the telling and present to the person to whom you are talking. When I am describing to another person how things are, I am always describing how things are for me at the moment, or I am not telling the truth.
I can only tell the truth that is my truth at the moment. We don’t have to agree with each other about how things are. We just have to listen to each other and get how things are for each other, now.

Radical Honesty, Brad Blanton (via A.)

[Misschien ligt in Radical Honesty wat ik zoek: describing to another person how things are, being present in the telling, telling the truth at the moment. Blantons boek helpt me verder omdat het zegt dat niks helpt. We are afraid of losing who we think we are, which is special, and we are afraid of becoming who we actually are, which is not special. Abandon hope. Being willing is what matters, and more important than being right. What is true changes, so we can’t tell the truth once and be done with it. It’s an ongoing game.]