Selections from One-Star Amazon Reviews of Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness – biblioklept

I burned this book
I don’t have a college education
I started reading this book years ago
How they kemmer (Another word for mating)?
I find the use of made up language difficult to interpret
The Left Hand of Darkness it nothing but some sort of feminist garbage
After reading just over 100 pages of this utterly worthless book
no depth of character or feeling coming thu
I was just forced to read this book
I don’t care what her father did
I haven’t read hardly any Sci Fi
as good as a warm cup of milk
no story whatsoever
no plot
I’ve read a lot of scifi
I read couple of chapters
I was forced to read this novel
I will NOT be reading any more Sci Fi
I was a biology and psychology major in college back in the mid 70’s
I think she was trying to impress people back when she originally wrote the book
Ask youself why people keep on bringing up the fact that her father was an anthropologist?
Being an honors lit. student thu high scool and college, I am no stranger to classic lit
minor cultural concepts (language, religion, hierarchy)
there are no kemmering in a pornographic sense
I could NOT follow what was even going on
I’m still trying to read my way through
My taste is sophisticated
I love Sci Fi on TV
no excitement
I read 75%
just a description of a planet
He certainly isn’t particularly manful
Give me a setting that isn’t a prescription for Prozac waiting to happen!
the jumping from old folklore stories on the planet and the tale being told
she gives characters such crazy names that it’s hard to remember who’s who
I read up to the chapter where the main character was imprisoned, and I don’t care
Some cultures belong in a petri dish and should be treated with biocide rather than respect
a totalitarian pesthole notable only for the biological oddity of its people
Is Ursula Le Guin the worst writer in American history?
dated, cumbersome and boring
Enough said
Hated it
It’s about an envoy
bizarre characters and other minor details
A good candidate for the first sci-fi book burning
The author should have gone into anthropology like her great father
Nothing but some dude wandering around curious about gender roles
This was purchased and read for a book club. Absolutely no one liked it
Simply put, this book is just a 60’s retread going through a mental exercise
It is just a silly exercise in exploring what a world without genders would be like
Is Shakespeare’s daughter a good storyteller just because her father was the greatest writer ever?
the culture she has created in this book is uninteresting, unbelieveable, and sounds like the more dismal parts of New Jersey anyway
The author waste a lot of pages on unnecessary side stories
Had NO idea what was going on throughout the entire book
The worst (psudo) ethnography I have ever read
Could NOT follow the author’s train of thought
and then they kemmered