It’s the amazing thing about them: that the taste and the shape have in fact never changed.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Heavenly Mountains. They’re on the border between China and Kazakhstan. All the apples we eat nowadays originated here. All the varieties: red or green, sweet or tart. The apple’s long journey to the rest of the world, started here.

[They drive in a car. It is dark.]

Those are apple trees.
– Yes.

– There are red apples there. You saw them? Here too.
You can take them through the window.

[She laughs.]

– They’re not entirely ripe yet… And here too, there are some red apples. You see? And some small green ones.

You have to keep left here, Yuri. Stay a bit more to the left.
– Not here?
Keep left. Keep left. Don’t go too near the right. Left, left, Yuri.
– I’m not here for the first time.
You’re doing well, Yuri. You’re hired!

Another steep slope.

[Hundreds of apples lie on the road. They drive over them.]

– Yes, what a lot of mashed apples. Wonderful. 

It’s here, isn’t it?
It’s steep.
I’ll get into a lower gear.
Keep right, eh?
Faster, faster.

[She thanks the driver]

You should thank Sergej, our guide.

[Next morning. She brushes here teeth. She picks an apple from a tree.]

This is a wild apple. It’s the forefather… No, it’s the same species as our own apple. It could have come from our supermarket if it weren’t for those spots. But the very shape, the size, is right.

And it’s nearly always so that the forefathers of apples, or the forefathers of what we eat now, look very different. This one is not ripe yet but I bet it’s quite edible. It’s the amazing thing about them: that the taste and the shape have in fact never changed.

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stem: louise o. fresco
perspectief: Eating is our most intimate way of interacting with nature. Nature is what we eat. If you do that negligently, wasting food, not knowing where it comes from, it goes against the idea that we should inhabit the earth responsibly. Food is knowledge and awareness because there’s a moral dimension to food.
titel: the apple’s journey
bron: fresco’s paradise, part 2 – wur / human op youtube (2015, transcript)
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