Play the game of life like an adult. Don’t be a whiny child.

Oh my god, that’s me, anderen volstouwen met hurt feelings, what the hell am I doing? Waarom zijn Myss’ lectures 100x beter dan welk gesprek ik ook voer? Myss is a mirror. Je ziet jezelf (genadeloos). Instant. Gesprekken zijn below the waist: traag.

It takes a lot of courage to play above the waist. You move at higher altitudes. Things move faster. People have to be willing to talk with you at a higher level. Some will never get off the first floor: they want to stay a victim.

Below the waist things happen slower, because you wait for them to incarnate.

Above the waist you operate on a hunch, you operate from intuitive rules. If you feel that you’re losing energy, you don’t wait to get sick or fired. You don’t wait (for months, years, a lifetime) and say ‘I knew it, i knew it’. You walk away.

You make a choice and follow the consequences. It doesn’t make it easier. But it’s lighter, faster, cleaner. There’s no smog. There is truth and clarity. You don’t blame people. You don’t want things from people. You don’t cheat and lie in that world.

Operative word: remove fear. Fear is not an excuse to not act courageously.

Do I love myself enough?
Doe het dan.
A decision will be made anyway.

Caroline Myss is zo irritant, je moet wel gaan handelen. Uit zelfrespect.

[bij het luisteren naar Navigating Changes in Your Life: What You Need to Know – Omega Institute 2015, Caroline Myss]