zegt, ‘De omstreden en excentrieke John McAfee, oprichter van het antivirusbedrijf McAfee, lanceert een website waar mensen kunnen klagen. […] De website, genaamd Brownlist, is een platform voor mensen om hun beklag te doen over uiteenlopende zaken.’

Lily Tomlin zegt, ‘Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.’ John McAfee zegt, ‘Got a parking ticket? Tell us your story, and we’ll pay your ticket.’

‘Brownlist wil klachten positief benaderen’, aldus McAfee. ‘In plaats van boos worden en iemand neerschieten op de snelweg of schreeuwen naar je vrouw, kun je voortaan gewoon inloggen op de website.’

Richardd schrijft, ‘TICKET FOR NOT DISPLAYING PERMIT IN WINDSCREEN¬†Our 3 year old daughter had removed the residents permit from our car window. When issued with a ticket i searched the car and found it stuffed down the seatback. On principle we fought the ticket with a solicitor and won. Then Hackney invoked a clause whereby they were allowed to fine us again for the same offence. This time my partner paid it as it was upsetting her. Furious! How can a local authority fine you for this knowing that we had a permit?’

Simbadiow schrijft, ‘PARKING FINE¬†Parked at Park and Ride and got a ?50 fine for taking 16 minutes to buy a ticket (only allowed 10). The fact that two 83 year olds had to be helped out the car, it was raining and there was a queue at the ticket machine appears to make no difference. Plus the parking cost is one amount for all day parking so why the need for 10 minute ticket buying?’

Mohamed257661 schrijft, ‘I love a girl . I wanna engage her but i fear if i told my parents , they would refuse because i’ve no money to preprare for marriage .i fear the girl’s parents refuse too :( ..what shall i do ???’ –

Ooit in een boekje over argumenteren gelezen dat je niet teveel argumenten moet gebruiken (helping two 83 year olds, rain, queue at the ticketmachine, 10 minute ticket buying). Qui prouve trop ne prouve rien. Houd nog wat achter de hand is het advies.