If you think about the rapid pace of people coming online and refusing to be isolated again, and the quality of little camera’s growing, another obvious and natural step is that people won’t carry cameras any more but video cameras instead. You’ll have a video camera in your glasses or in your hat or somewhere else that takes pictures all the time all around you. If something interesting ever happens you can scroll back and see what that was. I am certain that most people will do that; it’s not even a question to me. It already happens in stores with security cameras or with CCTV cameras. It will become the norm to wear a video camera and record our lives. Maybe they will be super-password protected or biologically keyed. I’m not saying that people will share with the police or Google, but people will record their lives. As soon as it costs little to do that all cars will have high-speed recording of all events in case of an accident. Once you’re doing that for cars then everybody in the street also gets recorded all the time by all the cars. So basically, you could track all the people. The privacy issues are already happening or technically emerging in such a way that it’s not the hypothetical question of ‘What about privacy?’ I think it’s more about ‘Are there any areas of life where we need to recreate the privacy we’ve already lost?’ That’s the real question. – Michael T. Jones, A Googled Future, winter 2011/12