What did I learn

1. Revision Technique. Using a checklist (‘evidence of what’s working’) to analyse the work, using little keywords for future reference on what’s missing in some aspect.
2. Importance of close reading (analysis of McCluskey). Some eyeopeners on technique there.
3. Not knowing why participants are there, no introductions, just the work. Guidance and steering back to the work if things get too personal. It feels good to stick to the work. Such a relief.
4. The careful reading of the work by Lisa F.
5. Care, love.
6. The power of protocol. Protocol keeps judgement at bay. Though I suspect a rather interesting vulcano inside Lisa F.
7. ‘Gevoelde kwaliteit’. I don’t know the English word. Lisa knows what she does and why.
8. Amazing pieces of writing on day 2.
9. Reader with extra’s to take home.
10. A (more or less) finished piece, this is so rewarding.
11. The momentum and strength and trust everybody seems to feel afterwards.

Eyeopener: we had to talk about a text while not referring to the text. Just from memory. What you can remember after having read a text once is apparently ‘working’ or ‘sticking’. I never thought about that. I ponder on words, staring blindly at sentences etc. No, a good starting point is, what do I remember when NOT looking at the text?