You’re not gonna do what new agers do, which is to do the whole thing in your head and play games with yourself, which is to keep it in the airwaves, and to just think about it and think about it and play thought games with yourself like mental yoga. This time as you go on this type of journey […] especially if you’re somebody who is actually going through something […] and as I said to you earlier, every one of our lives is going to be touched, if not now, at some point…and when that time comes you will not want your solutions to just be mentally in your head. If someone said to you ‘Well you know, I know you’ll just…you’ll do fine’ that does not help you. So you have to learn how to take a perception and ground it into hardcore action. Because without a map of action a ship remains adrift. So your metaphor again and again is you’re on the sea with a crew. You become a useless crew member, if all you can say to your fellow crew members are insights that keep them adrift. You’re useless. But mostly, you’re useless to yourself. – Caroline Myss, Sacred contracts, Lesson 2.4 (52:59 min – 54:52)

Oops, she got me, kabbelend op zolder, omringd door boeken, quoting some useful insights, doing mental yoga… Transformation? Action. Crew samenstellen. Crew? ‘I do not need to be analysed, I don’t need to be diagnosed, and I don’t need to be processed. I just need someone who can meet me where I am and stay there for an hour.’