Douglas Coupland twittert, Dear people in my life: I can’t be alone right now. Please come to the house if you can.

Norm Wilner ‏@normwilner 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
People will come. Hang in there.

Stephen Quinn ‏@CBCStephenQuinn 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
Would be there if I could. I’m in Toronto. Please be okay.

Erik Rolfsen ‏@erikrolfsen 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
Call this number: 18007842433.

Doug Hempstead ‏@DougHempstead 6h6 hours ago @DougCoupland
We met in Ottawa. I’m a journalist. I drive by your beautiful firefighter monument every day.

Natalie Moore ‏@nataliemoore838 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
anyone on here in Canada that can call for help? Don’t think @VancouverPD is 24/7

Vancouver Police ‏@VancouverPD 9h9 hours ago @nataliemoore838 @DougCoupland
Thank you for letting us know, Natalie.

Daniel Lodewyk ‏@dlodewyk 8h8 hours ago @VancouverPD @nataliemoore838 @DougCoupland
Doug. Please be safe.

David Allison ‏@IncDavidAllison 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
Chris is on his way. XO

Aislinn Hunter ‏@AislinnHunter 7h7 hours ago @IncDavidAllison
pls ask Chris to let us know if he’s ok. I’m nearby but don’t know D’s address.

Matthew Pearson ‏@mpearson78 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
In Shampoo Planet you wrote ‘Our achievements make us interesting but our darkness makes us loveable.’ You are so loveable.

victoria smith ‏@sfgirlbybay 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
too far away, but are you okay? should we call someone? just a concerned fan.

Margo Mostly Stern ‏@wordstern 10h10 hours ago @sfgirlbybay @DougCoupland
Same. Concerned.

Emily Burns ‏@emilymelissabee 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
The only person I imagine you know is @RogersShelagh – not sure if you know one another well though. Hope you are safe.

Shelagh Rogers ‏@RogersShelagh 7h7 hours ago @emilymelissabee
thank you, Emily.

Emily Burns ‏@emilymelissabee 7h7 hours ago @RogersShelagh
Thanks for your kindness. I’m glad he is safe.

Shelagh Rogers ‏@RogersShelagh 3h3 hours ago @emilymelissabee
you are kind.

Ian Andrew Bell ‏@ianb 9h9 hours ago 

‘When you’re going through hell, keep going.’ Practical wisdom from Winston Churchill that has served me well.

Kerry Clare ‏@KerryReads 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
am not a person in your life, but you’ve always been in mine. Still a fellow traveler. Hang on.

Amanda Jette Knox ‏@MavenOfMayhem 9h9 hours ago
 OttDear @DougCoupland
This is one human being sending another human being love. Please know you are not alone. I’m here if you need to talk.

Aisling Chin-Yee ‏@spectraversa 9h9 hours ago
URGENT CALL OUT TO FRIENDS OF DC RT @DougCoupland Dear people in my life: I can’t be alone right now. Please come to the house if you can.

Fashpo ‏@fashpo 10h10 hours ago 

Hope those who live nearby arrive soon. Until then I am sending love from Denmark.

Mack Gordon ‏@mackgord 10h10 hours ago 

once I met u in GI market & got the nerve up to say hi. You asked my name, it meant a lot to me. I think of it often. Be well.

Megan Verchere ‏@mverchere 9h9 hours ago 

just emailed you. Rodan, bruce and cindy and I are all in town. We love you and can come anytime you need us.

Bruce Verchere ‏@BruceVerchere 8h8 hours ago @mverchere @DougCoupland
I know where our mom Mary would be right now!

Gerrit Lukas Lohmann ‏@grmon 9h9 hours ago 
Berlin, Germany @mverchere
maybe you should just go there if in town. He already asked you over. 

Shelagh Rogers ‏@RogersShelagh 7h7 hours ago

all my love from Vancouver Island, my friend. Me and Charlie.

EUphemeragrrl ‏@ephemeragrrl 9h9 hours ago 

your words got me through some sticky times, I hope words, love & friendship get you through yours

Marilyn Thomas ‏@MonkeyMarilyn 9h9 hours ago

Hope you’re okay. You may not remember a young assistant on JPod, but I remember your kindness.

J Stayshyn ‏@UnionSt 9h9 hours ago 

[picture of dog and portrait, close up of face of young man]

Arjun Basu ‏@arjunbasu 10h10 hours ago

Things ok, Doug?

Clever Cupcakes ‏@clever_cupcakes 10h10 hours ago
 Verdun, Montréal

[Clever Cupcakes Retweeted Doug Coupland
If anyone knows @DougCoupland personally please see RT. I selfishly can’t deal with the loss of another great mind!

Daniel Lodewyk ‏@dlodewyk 9h9 hours ago 

Doug. You contribute so much to our world. You have positively inpart shaped my worldview, you gave me rose colored glasses. [heart]

Daniel Lodewyk ‏@dlodewyk 9h9 hours ago 

You celebrate differences, you champion weird and you have great stories to tell us about ourselves, our world and Canada. [heart]

Eleanor Rigby ‏@Just_a_Grrl 9h9 hours ago 

Hi. I hope you have a house full of people right now. Please know that you are important. I’m sending you love from Detroit.

Kim Leonard ‏@kimleonard 9h9 hours ago 

Support from Boston. You’re loved & needed in this world. Stay a minute more. Then another minute, til you feel better.

I’m Dr. Dvorak ‏@hidvorak 9h9 hours ago 

Thank you for being you and for making my life materially better with your work. I don’t know you, but you are loved.

GemiYakiciBrdgBurner ‏@genericitiness 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
please stay. You make our lives beautiful. You’re beautiful. We love you. Like really love you.

Evelien Chiau ‏@_evelienc 10h10 hours ago 

Dearest Doug, we’ve met once and you have no clue how much it meant to me. If I can mean anything for you, please let me know.

Loueyville ‏@loueyville 10h10 hours ago

That’s upsetting. I hope you’re okay.

Tim de Boer ‏@TimdeBoer_NL 9h9 hours ago 

please be safe.

David Emery ‏@djcemery 9h9 hours ago 

Hang in there, Doug.

noreen ‏@neomonki 9h9 hours ago

i love everything you have ever made. I hope you’re able to find someone to be with you. Please stay strong.

Marsha Mason ‏@mowsh 9h9 hours ago 

Shared. The community will find someone, if you don’t have someone there already. You are loved. Hang in there.

Greg Smith ‏@onshi 9h9 hours ago 

You don’t know me & though I can’t help much from TO I’m going to visit Float Forms & send good vibes

J. Lam ‏@zengarden17 9h9 hours ago

People care. Just know this to be true. Very evident in these tweets.

MargaretChoke-aBitch ‏@meeses 9h9 hours ago

Far away, but my heart is with you. I’m just a person, but your work has always meant so much to me. Please take care.

sodaflux ‏@sodaflux 10h10 hours ago 

You matter to a great many people Mr Coupland… the world needs you. You are not alone.

Christel Valsinger ‏@christelv 10h10 hours ago 

I hope you’re ok. 

(((dr_bombay))) ‏@dr_bombay 10h10 hours ago 

please be well. the world needs you and your wonderful viewpoint.

Nigel Campbell ‏@nigelccampbell 10h10 hours ago 

your work makes a difference. Be well. Breath in, then out. Repeat

(((James Everett))) ‏@tuckernuckjim 10h10 hours ago
 Nantucket, MA 

You are not alone. 
[two people holding hands]

Mark McKenny ‏@mgmckenny 10h10 hours ago 

Stay safe Doug. Too many nasty things going on in the world, we need love and lots of it.

Paul Alex Gray ‏@paulalexgray 10h10 hours ago 

would swing by now if I could! Hope you have get some visitors round for a good evening. Take care.

Maria ‏@mariazmess 10h10 hours ago 

sending spirit hugs

Zelda Pinwheel ‏@zeldapinwheel44 6h6 hours ago 

Sending love from Winnipeg.

SARAH L SAUNDERS ‏@MissNestor 8h8 hours ago 

Sending love from Scotland. You are a constant inspiration to me X
 [sticky ‘I’m time snacking’ and ‘waiting for Godot’]

Little Dwayner ‏@littledwayner 9h9 hours ago 

if you’re in Vancouver, come down to Harbour Air and I can send you on a plane ride, usually does the trick :)

snee ‏@wikisneedia 9h9 hours ago

you’re a bright light in a dark world, we need you and love you.

Emma Dixon ‏@EmmaDixon_EU 9h9 hours ago 

you don’t know me but I just want to say: Please know that you are loved and let us know you are safe.

City Lights Bookshop ‏@CityLightsLondn 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
You are cared about, even by those of us you don’t know. Reach out until someone grasps your hand.

Lisa ‏@lisawritescopy 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
[a lot of hearts]

Mark Louie ‏@homersapient 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
I met you in Banff when you were reading from Generation A.  and hugs  from the Canadian Rockies
 [heart, bear, mountain]

Micah Joel ‏@micahpedia 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
your are my mentor. What can I do for you from 1000 miles away?

Stuart Pearson ‏@stoopearson 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
are you okay

filmcraft ‏@filmcraft_ 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
I wrote you an embarrassing letter when I was an embarrassing 20-something and you graciously wrote back. Forever thankyou.

filmcraft ‏@filmcraft_ 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
Too far away, but thinking of you from Canada’s most embarrassing city

Bean simple ‏@bean_simple 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

Bean simple ‏@bean_simple 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
hang in there, big guy. You’re quality. #invictus

John T. Unger ‏@johntunger 2h2 hours ago @DougCoupland
I’m glad you’re able to ask friends to come help. Be well.

Susan Fraser ‏@InvPac 3h3 hours ago @DougCoupland
Loving hugs from Vancouver.

Natalie Morrill ‏@natalie_morrill 3h3 hours ago @DougCoupland
! Really hope someone came to be with you & hope things are a little better tonight. So glad you reached out.

kc dyer ‏@kcdyer 5h5 hours ago @DougCoupland
Sending best wishes. Hope your friends have all arrived!

dwitri amalia ‏@dwitri 6h6 hours ago @DougCoupland
you have a beautiful mind. Worst. Person. Ever. brought so much joy in my life. Be well. Love from Indonesia.

Erin McGann ‏@erinehm 6h6 hours ago @DougCoupland
My 6yo son built LEGO towers with you at the VAG, he sends his good thoughts.

Eliza von Baeyer ‏@IndieGoDesigns 6h6 hours ago
 Ottawa, Ontario @DougCoupland
<3 <3 From a superfan since Gen X thegogglesmedia ‏@thegogglesmedia 7h7 hours ago @DougCoupland
wish we could ! but so many miles away. sending good thoughts: Be safe and be well.

tobias c. van Veen ‏@fugitivephilo 8h8 hours ago @DougCoupland
—sending you forest vibes from Whistler’s mountain sky.

jax ‏@jaxsaid 8h8 hours ago
Richmond, British Columbia @DougCoupland
we [heart] you Doug.

Jeannette Montgomery ‏@OkanaganWriting 8h8 hours ago @DougCoupland
Sending Tippy love vibes your way, sir. I know of what you tweet. [picture of a sleepy or depressed or tired cat]

patrick foster ‏@patrickfoster 8h8 hours ago @DougCoupland
Mate, I’m out of town. Hang in there—

Isabel Jordan ‏@seastarbatita 8h8 hours ago @DougCoupland
you don’t know me but your work has had a huge impact on my life. I hope you have loved ones gathered ‘round.

Isabel Jordan ‏@seastarbatita 8h8 hours ago

Isabel Jordan Retweeted Doug Coupland
Signal boost. If you’re in yvr and connected w/ @DougCoupland reach out – he needs connection right now.

Jen Ronan ‏@JayRow 8h8 hours ago @DougCoupland
Big steaming piles of love & solidarity from those of us who’ve been down in that bunker before. Also your work is fantastic.

Cityreal ‏@Cityreal 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
sending good vibes and best wishes, from artists you have inspired! DM us your address for company and a pleasant distraction.

Susan BranniganRampp ‏@Hockeylionsmom 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
follow me. Let’s talk

Susan BranniganRampp ‏@Hockeylionsmom 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
go out for a walk. Starbucks. Bookstore.

db ‏@bittersweetdb 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
Long distance hugs. Hope everyone is OK.

F ‏@fanvav 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
too far away but sending my love – I need your work which inspires me always.

Merina ‏@SironaFae 9h9 hours ago @DougCoupland
What area do you live in? What do you need?

ashstephanie ‏@ashstephanie 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
hey! You are okay.

Barbara Aversano ‏@ladyvalmont 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland

Web ‏@KoningWeb 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
You are one of my hero’s. I’m right here.

benjamin j borley ‏@bart1eby 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
I’m there in spirit if not in person…

jessrawk ‏@jessrawk 10h10 hours ago 

Sending love, whatever it may be. [six blue hearts]

Gwen Mesco ‏@messily 10h10 hours ago @DougCoupland
Sending love and gratitude from a longtime fan. Please stay with us.

Mimi Van de Fritjes ‏@silbensalat 10h10 hours ago 

bit concerned now. Are you okay?

Glenn Grigsby ‏@GlennGrigsby 1h1 hour ago 

I grew up w/ your books/art, and they set me on the path I’m on today. TY, listen to your fans, call for help if you need to.

Toxxic Tara ‏@vwscully 2h2 hours ago 

sending good vibes from #StratfordON ! 
[heart and canadian flag]

Craig Moore ‏@SpiderVideo 4h4 hours ago

we have a busy house on the east coast but if you need to get away let me know.

Trudi-a-go-go ‏@Trudiagogo 6h6 hours ago 

brave soul. Here with you in the twitter verse.

kimberleigh christie ‏@chismosa 6h6 hours ago
Hillsboro, OR 

hugs from a stranger in Portland. I’ve had a dark fucking year. We all need each other [heart]

Anne Pratt ‏@AnneEliSonia 7h7 hours ago 

call anytime. Seriously. Connect and I’ll send you my number.

I AM CHAGA ‏@chagasigne 7h7 hours ago
 Copenhagen, Denmark 

Thoughts and love all the way from Denmark. Been a true fan since Gen X. Reading your books helped me understand my life.

Geordie MacDonald ‏@Geordie1977 7h7 hours ago 

‘hello jed’ helped get me through a very rough patch. Thanks for that. -a fan.

Alison ‏@nottoyield 7h7 hours ago 

Your work changed my life… Loved randomly meeting you in an airport in Vegas and our conversation. Much love to you… [heart]

SugarCookie ‏@sdesla 7h7 hours ago

[three red hearts]

Adrienne ‏@AdriePetersohn 7h7 hours ago 

my all-time favourite author, my inspiration. Be safe, so many people care about you.

Shari Stout ‏@ShariStout3 7h7 hours ago 

People care about you. You are not alone.

Adrienne Muscat ‏@AMuscatPurrs 8h8 hours ago 

I can come over any time.

Mike Marra ‏@mjmarra6 8h8 hours ago

@SickNotWeak is really helpful

Mindy Blinkhorn ‏@mindy_blinkhorn 8h8 hours ago 

Hang in there. Sending good thoughts your way. You’re well thought of in these parts.

kat ‏@katcentric 8h8 hours ago 

So much love. [heart]

elvisismycopilot ‏@cjdprime 8h8 hours ago 

hope you’ve found the company and whatever else you need to get you through, we need and want you in the world xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Beyond Utility ‏@utilly 8h8 hours ago 

and, it takes all of this to finally get an invite? Would be there if there wasn’t a pesky ocean. X

A-M ‏@Sasky1972 8h8 hours ago 

Wishing there were words to help. Be good and kind to yourself.

Sean Peden ‏@Sean_Peden 8h8 hours ago

you are never alone

Jessica Saravia ‏@Jess_Saravia 8h8 hours ago 

thinking if you.. Hope you have support coming your way

James Broad ‏@lordmelbury 9h9 hours ago 

just unclothe yourself and go free in the streets

Julie Clancy ‏@julieclancy 9h9 hours ago 

not in your life, but you are in mine and you mean so much. Please take care. [picture of a page in a book, signed]

Emir Kaymakoğlu ‏@emiracle 9h9 hours ago 

You’re one of the best minds of our generation. Sending you lots of love and respect. Cheers!

Alex Ball ‏@polarweasel 9h9 hours ago

[Alex Ball Retweeted Doug Coupland
@GreatDismal please call @DougCoupland!

Mats Marquardt ‏@HeklaMaMa 9h9 hours ago 

your stories made me a better person.

Janice Kelly ‏@oara 9h9 hours ago

sorry that I’m not one of “your people”. Guess I’m not an ‘elite’. Doesn’t mean I don’t admire you.

Russ ‏@RWizz1e 9h9 hours ago

I’m in London and we’ve never met. If it helps I’ll come?

Cara McLoughlin ‏@ARashfashioner 9h9 hours ago 

lots of people holding out hands to you. I know you might not feel it but please know the love is there xx

Christina Kiepper ‏@Artist_Dreams 9h9 hours ago 

You’re not alone! It’ll get better.

John Howarth ‏@CordsofBeige 9h9 hours ago

love and respect coming your way from England!

Kristin Kubasiak ‏@kubasiak 9h9 hours ago 

*slides virtual Kraft individually wrapped cheese slices under your virtual door* You’ve been on my mind today.

22randini ‏@22randini 9h9 hours ago 

have loved your work since Shampoo Planet – permanently on display. Please be good to yourself.

Carita Forslund ‏@karitchen 9h9 hours ago 

I am not in your life, but you been in mine for a long time… Hope you are ok. [heart]

OscarAndKennedy ‏@OscarAndKennedy 9h9 hours ago 

You are very loved, and I hope you are ok.

OscarAndKennedy ‏@OscarAndKennedy 9h9 hours ago 

It was Everything’s Gone Green, and I was a badly paid PA. It was a dream come true to work on a movie by my fave Cdn writer.

OscarAndKennedy ‏@OscarAndKennedy 9h9 hours ago 

You once gave me sugarcane from Chinatown to chew on on a hot summer movie set. Loved you ever since. Thanks DC.

ᔚᗗᖱ ᑸᕱᘜᗗᘘ ‏@vmdTM 9h9 hours ago

Please take care.

Steve Haunch ‏@smhaunch 9h9 hours ago
Islington, London 

take care Doug, you’re not alone.

Mike マイク ‏@mikeisawake 9h9 hours ago

You and your work are a bright spot for so many people. Please take heart from so many of us that admire you.

Ken Chesnutt ‏@kennychesnutt 9h9 hours ago 

Hope you are ok Doug

Lesley ‏@LesleyHere 9h9 hours ago 

Please call a friend. You are not alone.

SFR ‏@ritarigmor 9h9 hours ago 

hey Doug me and @wikisneedia got big love for ya. Hoping you are ok xx

super flat oladushek ‏@Akagarasu_ 9h9 hours ago 

Please be well. Sending love from Russia.

Babs ‏@BabsNL 9h9 hours ago

Stay safe please.

David Weaver ‏@DavidTWeaver 9h9 hours ago 

I hope you’re okay. Your books helped me when I was not okay. It gets better

Marathon of Hope ‏@MOHtheMusical 9h9 hours ago 

Sending love to you. Thankful for you and your wonderful work.

Porno the Clown ‏@PornotheClown 9h9 hours ago

many people care. This is curculating. Be if good cheer.

JesperMattssonTottie ‏@_jmt 9h9 hours ago 

we all need each other.

Ruth O’Neale ‏@ruthoneale 9h9 hours ago 

you’re very important to people here most of whom you’ve not yet met.We’re here.This isn’t a platitude.We’re listening

Ambrose Duffy ‏@ambroseduffy 9h9 hours ago

Be well @DougCoupland

AuthenticityEclectic ‏@LoriGlier 9h9 hours ago 

your an amazing man if you need to talk please inbox me!

ronnie ashworth ‏@huey98758 9h9 hours ago

hey Doug. Hang in there man.

Daniel Mealo ‏@dmealo 9h9 hours ago 

The world is richer with you in it, friend

Miss Dexter ‏@MissDexter1 10h10 hours ago 

you’re not alone when you have Twitter. You have 472.000 people that care. X

Alskicav ‏@Alskicav 10h10 hours ago 

Dear Doug you are not alone. Strength & love to you and all who feel the same right now. We all need the cavalry sometimes

Stuart Pearson ‏@stoopearson 10h10 hours ago 

wake up…the world is alive #generationcoup


don’t let the darkness engulf you…You & your work inspires me.Hope your family & friends hear you reaching outHold on [heart]

Graham ‏@GramoneFielding 10h10 hours ago

Be strong Doug, we need you.

A.W. ‏@azijn 10h10 hours ago

Whatever it is that’s happening, reaching out is a good thing.

Joe ‏@jjfantauzzi 10h10 hours ago 

You are not alone. People will come.

Garnant ‏@garnant 10h10 hours ago 

love from Italy

Scott McArthur ‏@LoganPhive 10h10 hours ago

Please know all of these people are with you. Be well.

Martin McMahon ‏@martybhoy07 10h10 hours ago

Unfortunately/fortunately I’m in Italy right now. Do know that your books have made a great impact in my life.

Paul Childs ‏@npchilds 10h10 hours ago 

Consider this a virtual house visit, take care Doug, a lot of us care about you!

Ms. Fossington-Gore ‏@LeoDoppelherz 10h10 hours ago 

All the best to you. Love from Germany [heart]

Martin McMahon ‏@martybhoy07 10h10 hours ago

Met you in Waterstones in Glasgow many years ago, great night, still have the book you signed.

Kate Cook ‏@Dockatecook 10h10 hours ago 

if I could I would. Hope you are ok xxx

Chris McGee ‏@seeteegee 10h10 hours ago

i hope everything turns out ok soon. Best wishes.

Lone Bodot ‏@Lonebodot 10h10 hours ago 

Virtual hug. Need you to be okay.

Katrien Vermeulen ‏@Mieuw 10h10 hours ago

Take care please x

Gemma Hobson ‏@Percival1st 10h10 hours ago

I would come if I could from London UK x